Military Vehicle Maintenance

This training was about how military vehicles work and how to maintain them. The training site was on an Army base that also serves as training site for the Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, and law enforcement agencies. The staff had a lot of international and combat experience to share with the group. The food was amazing every day. Berthing was in air conditioned barracks, with bunk-beds, and private shower stalls. We had to keep the area inspection-ready at all times. Each cadet had to stand watch, but for only one hour. We had PT every morning. Staff cadets made PT fun by having different drills in order to get everyone ready for the PT test at the end of training. Classroom time was reasonable but there was more emphasis on hands-on activities. Our group visited all the tanks on the base and we learned how to change the oil on a HUM-VEE and the different components of military vehicles. We later got to ride the HUMVEES and Wreckers. Our training contingent had 2 photographers (from photo-journalism training) embedded in our unit. The adult leaders also uploaded pictures on Facebook. All cadets had a chance to shoot rifles and pistols in the FATS range to qualify for the Marksmanship ribbon.

Special activities with the entire training contingent made this training the most fun: Movie night with popcorn, a Dance, a talent show, and drill competition (including the adults, who tried their best to keep their formation and military bearing). The best parts of this training were the special activities (especially the dance), interacting with other military organizations, riding a HUM-VEE, and qualifying as a Sharp-Shooter. The worst part was: Leaving, because everyone had such a a great time together. Also – there were more mosquitoes in Fort Custer, Michigan than my trainings in Georgia and Florida, combined. Overall, this training was the most fun so far because I learned so many things that I would not have to chance to learn about in the regular school setting. I also really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people. I strongly recommend this training.

Cadet Russo