I just graduated yesterday from Medical training. Buffalo was pretty chill and the officers were pretty nice. The food was amazing and the training was phenomenal. They taught us a lot that I wouldn’t have been able to learn within a regular school setting. We learned how to check our blood pressure, check our blood sugar, how to diagnose a patient, suture a pig’s leg, and we got CPR qualified. The best part of the training was when we went to the simulation facility and tried to help mannequins. We also were able to take blood; I surprisingly did it on my first try. This has been my most favorite training by far in my sea cadet career and I cant wait to do another medical training. -Seaman Apprentice  Santos-Silva

This winter I attended the EMS (Emergency Medical Seminar) in Newport, Rhode Island from December 26th to January 1st. I really enjoyed the training and everything it offered, it only added to the reasons of why I want to have a career in medicine. Everyday there was an estimated 10 hours of classroom training. Generally, the morning sessions where focused on power-point presentations about the content we were learning. Then in the afternoon we were able to apply and practice the skills we learned in the morning. These practical sessions included learning about applying splints, taking vital signs, giving an Eppi pen, and most importantly giving CPR and using an AED. During one of the training days our company marched to the Newport Fire department where we were able to tour the fire trucks and the Ambulances. The last two days focused on practicing the skills that we learned during the week. Every evening we had a chapter to read in our book and had to take notes. Also, with our homework we generally had a writing assignment to go along with the reading and note taking. Every night we had silent study hour so that we could do our assignment without interruption. The largest part of the final test was the ability to show the skills that we learned in a final scenario. My scenario was to apply CPR and an AED to a heart attack Patient. This was my favorite part of the training because I was able to act with my new skills in a true scenario. After going to this training I have decided that I want to attend the field medicine training in the summer, and attempt to staff the EMS training next winter. – Snidow, Makenna