Sea Bag List


1 Current ID Card
1 Sea Bag w/Combination Lock
1 Writing Pad and Pen
1 Shoe Shine Kit
1 Insect Repellant (Non-Aerosol)
1 Sun Screen
1 Sleeping Bag and Pillow


1 Dress White/Dress Blue Jumper (NSCC Shoulder Flashes, W/Proper Rank Insignia)
1 – Dress Blue Jacket (FEMALES)
1 Dress White/Dress Blue Trousers
1 White Web Belt w/ Silver Tip and Silver Buckle (SDW ONLY)
1 Neckerchief
1 pair Black Low Cut Shined Dress Shoes (Leather)
1 White Hat (Dixie Cup, Male)
1 Combination Cover (Female)
2 T-Shirts, White, Crew Neck
2 pair Dress Socks, Black, Cotton


2 BDU Blouse (w/Shoulder Flashers, proper rank insignia, and name tapes)
2 BDU Trousers (w/name over back right pocket)
2 T-Shirts, Brown, Crew Neck
1 Black Web Belt with Silver Tip and Silver Buckle
1 8-Point BDU Cover (E-2 and up)
1 Navy Blue Ball Cap (Recruits ONLY)
2 pair Boot Socks, Black, Cotton
1 Pair of Black Leather Boots
1 Pair of Blousing Straps


2 PT Shirts (Dark Blue)
2 PT Shorts (Dark Blue)
1 Sweatshirt and Pants (Dark Blue)
1 pair Athletic Shoes
3 pair Socks, White, Cotton
3 Bras, White (Female)
3 Underwear


1 White Bath Towels
2 White Wash Cloths
1 pair Shower Shoes
1 Hygiene Kit (Includes: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, and deodorant. Shaving Kit for males. NO AEROSOLS)
1 Female Hygiene Kit (FEMALES ONLY)


• Anything not listed above will be considered contraband and will be TAKEN and returned at the end of drill by Annapolis Division Staff.
• All of this WILL fit in your Sea bag including your dress uniform!
• We will be holding a Sea Bag inspection on Friday night, you must have all gear listed above.
• You are required to bring a lock for your sea bag and your combination should be given to a staff member. If you lose anything it will be due to your own negligence. Put your gear away and lock it up.