At Fort Deven’s it was an interesting experience staffing as an MAA. The training was good and the recruits were able to soak a lot knowledge in. Throughout the training the MAA’s were assigned different tasks consisting of, mess duty, laundry, watch, and general cleaning. If we weren’t assigned anything to do we would just simply lounge around and have free time. My favorite job was laundry, because we would just put the laundry in and then wait 45 minutes to either go sleep or go to the PX. It got pretty repetitive over the 15 days but the most interesting day was when we helped out the recruits with the obstacle course, trying to boost their self confidence and strength along with teamwork. Also, one day i accidentally slept in for 13 hours because nobody came into my cube to wake me up. For me the worst days were the last 2 because I┬áhad a raging migraine which wasn’t to fun to deal with. But, for an overall perspective it’s good for recruits but for staff, you would have to staff twice in order to get a leadership position.
Cadet Santos-Silva