Submarine Seminar

This summer I attended the Submarine Seminar at the Naval Submarine School Base in Groton, CT. This training was probably the best advanced training I have ever attended in my Sea Cadet career! Throughout the entire week, we had the opportunity to use and see submarine trainers; the same trainers that submariner students use to learn how to operate a submarine. With these trainers, I learned how to be a helmsman, a planesman, an OOD, and even a fire control technician. We had very enjoyable classes with our CO, XO, and a few submarine instructors, as they got very in depth when explaining a topic we were learning. They also shared many hilarious sea stories when explaining a topic; one of which involved a spider monkey being launched out of a torpedo. Outside the classroom, we had the honor of touring a LA-class submarine, USS Springfield, which gave me and the other cadets insight on what submarine life was like. This training gave the cadets lots of freedom, since we did stay in a hotel on base and hang out in each other’s rooms. We also got to go shopping at the NEX and saw Jurassic World at the base’s movie theater. Overall, this was a training like no other and I highly recommend cadets to take this training. I have zero complaints!
Cadet Brown