This focus of this training was to learn about the Construction Battalion and how the Navy can build important structures while in a combat setting. The training site was good, but very tucked away from civilization. The staff was nice and only yelled when cadets misbehaved. The food was pretty good. Berthing was small, but air conditioned. We were on bunk beds and didn’t have to keep the area too neat. We only had one zone and compartment inspection. We did not have to stand watch at all. We had PT just once because we had 24 hour field-ops when we built different obstacle course structures. We were given a chance to sleep when there were thunderstorms with a lot of lightning. Our classwork was actually outside all day doing hands-on building activities. Special activities: Running the obstacle course when it was completed.

The best part of this training was also the hardest part: 24 hour night-ops while building the O-course and knowing that the O-course will be used by other cadets in future trainings held at that site. The adult leaders uploaded pictures on Facebook, so that was nice. The worst part was that some of the tools used were very dangerous and there was no safety class. Overall, I recommend this training to anyone who is willing to work hard and learn new things. This training was the hardest one I’ve done, so far, but I’m very proud of what I did.
Cadet Russo