Aviation Training

I went to aviation training in rural Virginia at mountain empire airport. I was surprised because the training was actually really relaxed. The food was good and we did it like were we worked from 9:00 to 5:00 then we got to do whatever we wanted. It was a very interesting first training I learned a lot from it and I got to fly a plane like an actual plane. Also I learned about what planes are made out of and the kinds of engines inside them. Also we didn’t have to do PT and woke up at like 8:45.

The chief there was really nice but some of the officers there would pick favorites, like there were some cadets from that division and they were the same rank as me but they didn’t have to do any work. I did meet a lot of interesting people from different places and it was very exciting. I did enjoy this training a lot and some cadets from the training knew of our division and of PO2 Garcia-Lara C. I would recommend this training to someone who is interested in planes. This was a great training. -SN Coyne