This is my winter training report about POLA in Fort Dix, New Jersey. The training all together was fun and an interesting experience. Also, it wasn’t as boring as some people said it would be. We barely did PT except for once when we learned how to conduct a PRT. We had liberty almost every night and we also had a giant recap by playing Jeopardy. There was some drama to where we had to have a health and welfare check because someone’s Ipad was misplaced. Show was good, a little too good considering we had no PT, I had a major acne breakout while i was there because of it. I highly recommend this training though, it build team work and also have a good time. – Seaman Apprentice  Santos-Silva

I went to pola at fort Indian town gap and I disliked it and liked it. I disliked it because there was too much family involved. Also it was mostly death by PowerPoint but it did teach me what I had to learn.
I had liked it because of the food and what I had learned.

Small Boat Ops: it was ok but I had expected to drive motor boats but ended up learning about lifeguards. Also the same thing happened again about to much family involved. The administration wasn’t very organized either there was active duty navy there and they even said the same thing. I did drive some boats but they were just kayaks and we did some boring ops. The place was beautiful though. The worst of it all was that we had Boy Scouts as our instructors but they acted as they were better than us even though they couldn’t tie knots or do pt. they were supposed to teach us how to tie knots even though they couldn’t. For the most part it was not to to bad.

SN Coyne

My POLA was at Camp Latimer. I learned about leadership(three different styles) and got to apply that in making the watch bill for RT. The most useful thing I learned how to do was make classes. During POLA we were relaxed on military baring. PT however was not relaxed we did 200 burpees the first day and a 5 mille run the next day. We went rappelling down the side of a cliff. One of the fun parts was going to the range, it as a nice break from the classes we had to do. All of our classes where about how to be an effective leader and be a successful unit. The food was great(not better than drill though). I would definitely recommend this training to some one, I would recommend going to Camp Latimer for any training.
Cadet Mathieu

This summer I attended Fort Indiantown Gap’s POLA training for a week. Overall, I found that the training was a very educational experience, due to the fact that we had phenomenal instructors who led engaging conversations in class. These conversations were quite enjoyable, and helped cadets recess lots of information, as we covered topics such as the uses of power and influences on subordinates. Outside of the classroom, all of the cadets had the opportunity to practice drill and command on the POLA division. Near the end of the training, the POLA cadets used the new leadership techniques to traverse various scenarios at the base’s O-Course. We even helped a struggling division of Marines complete the course too! All in all, my only complaint is that this training could’ve used another staff cadet, because the one staff cadet was having an issue with controlling the whole POLA division when it got rowdy. In conclusion, I recommend this training, because in the end I learned a lot and had good time.
Cadet Brown